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Why Navin’s

At Navin’s, you get the highest value for the price you pay. We genuinely love crafting functionally elegant homes for you, and at no circumstance, do we compromise on quality, peace of mind and customer satisfaction. We make sure our employees work with their conscience intact, and we deliver the best possible product to our customers. We believe building is a profession, and we are professionals who follow ethical business practise religiously.

Will Navin’s help me avail a home loan?

Yes, Navin’s will help you to get a home loan by referring you to  Housing Finance Institution. However, the loan amount, eligibility, interest rates and repayment terms are at the sole discretion of the Housing Finance Institution. Please contact any of our marketing executives for more details.

Does Navin’s deviate from approved plans?

Navin’s has always adhered to approve plans and complied with all statutory and legal requirements.

How does Navin’s select its properties for development?

At Navin’s, every property undergoes a stringent site-selection process before being considered for development. We select sites that have perfect titles and are eminently livable. They have to be located in an area where the social and civic infrastructure is well-developed. They must be contained in a good aura. Our MD, Dr. Kumar says – “I won’t select a site unless I myself wouldn’t mind living there!” and this tops it all!

Will Navin’s develop my property?

In principle, Yes. Navin’s will be happy to partner with owners of prime land parcels that have perfect titles, and that is located in eminently livable locations. For more details, please contact us on our Board Number: 044 66661121

Are all Navin’s projects Green Buildings?

Ever since the concept of Green Buildings evolved in Chennai, Navin’s has been striving too hard to adhere to Green Building standards and quite a few of our recent buildings have been accredited with LEED, Silver & Gold Ratings from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Our future projects will exhibit green building features.

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