• Why Navins?
    At Navin's, you get the highest value for the price you pay. We genuinely love crafting functionally elegant homes for you, and at no circumstance, do we compromise on quality, peace of mind and customer satisfaction. We make sure our employees work with their conscience intact, and we deliver the best possible product to our customers. We believe building is a profession, and we are professionals who follow ethical business practise religiously.
  • What is carpet area?
    This is the actual usable area inside your apartment that you can actually cover with carpets! This includes balconies, corridors inside your individual, private apartment, area below kitchen platforms, toilets, etc. However, it does not include lofts, lifts, entrance lobbies and other common areas. At Navin's, we strive to achieve high carpet area efficiency.
  • What is plinth area?
    This is the built-up covered area measured at the floor level of the basement of any storey. In the case of your apartment, it is the sum of the carpet area and the (non surface) area of the insides and the bounding walls of your apartment. In case the bounding walls of your apartment is sharing with your neighbouring apartment, the (non surface) wall areas are split between the two.
  • What is common area?
    Common area includes the floor lobbies, corridors, lifts, entrace lobbies, etc.
  • What is saleable area?
    Saleable Area = Carpet Area + Proportionate share in Common Area
  • Will Navin's help me avail a home loan?
    Yes, Navin's will help you avail a home loan by referring you to a Housing Finance Institution of your choice if you request assistance. However, the loan ticket size, eligibility and repayment terms are at the sole discretion of the Housing Finance Institution. Please contact any of our marketing executives for more details.
  • Does Navin's deviate from approved plans?
    Never in the history of Navin's. And never ever.
  • What is 'functional elegance'?
    "Functional Elegance" is a combination of efficient , friendly, highly-functional usable space and elegant, pride-worthy architecture. We are in the process of creating our 100th visual example of "Functional Elegance"!
  • How does Navin's select its properties for development?
    At Navin's, every property undergoes a stringent site-selection proccess before being considered for development. We select sites that have perfect titles and nothing less. They have to be located in an area where the social and civic infrastructure is well-developed. They must be contained in a good aura. Our MD, Dr. Kumar says - "I wont select a site unless I myself wouldnt mind living there!" and this tops it all!
  • Will Navin's develop my property?
    In principle, Yes. Navin's will be happy to partner with owners of prime land parcels that have perfect titles, and that are located in eminently livable locations. For more details, please contact Mr. Seshasayee, Officer - Business Development on +91 87545 80543 or Mr. Venkatachalam, Senior Executive - Legal on +91 96000 65592.
  • What is the process for registration? What are the expenses involved?
    You will be assisted by our Marketing Executives through the entire process of registration. Registration on the UDS (Undivided Share) will be done after 100% of the customer's bridge money (apart from loan funds) and stage payments upto current stage have been remitted. Registration will be done at the Sub-Registrar's office.

    Expenses will include statutory payments like stamp duty, registration charges and any incidental expenses.
  • Do you arrange site-visits?
    Yes, we do arrange site visits upon prior appointments. Please call 044-24371111, to fix up a site visit.
  • Can two adjoining apartments be bought by me and combined into one? I am willing to pay extra expenses for the same.
    No, this is not possible due to the development regulations of CMDA.
  • Are all Navin's projects Green Buildings?
    Ever since the concept of Green Buildings evolved in Chennai, Navin's has been striving to hard to adhere to Green Building standards and quite a few of our recent buildings have been accredited with LEED Gold Ratings from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Our future projects will be green buildings too.
  • What are Green Buildings?